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Civil Rights Law

Federal and state laws and constitutions guarantee Americans' civil rights and liberties. However, if we, as a society, want to keep these rights, we must vehemently protect them. J. Hegg Law is committed to the promotion and protection of all manner of civil rights. The attorneys at J. Hegg Law protect those who have been victims of civil rights violations, including:
  • False arrest
  • Police brutality and other misconduct
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Employment and other discrimination
  • Due process and equal protection violations
  • Freedom of speech, association and religion violations
  • Prisoners' rights violations
  • Bullying

At J. Hegg Law, we believe those who violate your civil rights and liberties should be held accountable. If your civil rights and liberties have been infringed upon, it is important that you get legal help. Please call J. Hegg Law at (910) 219-3696 to speak with one of our attorneys or send our firm an email.

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